Dr. Sujit Mahajan

Teeth Extraction Specialist,Oral Surgeon in Chembur

He completed MDS with Specialization in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery. Oral And Maxillofacial Surgeon, 15 Years Experience (oral surgeon in Chembur)

As a hardworking and sincere student, he was always a favorite among the teachers and colleagues alike.Despite various hardships on a personal front, he persevered with his academic career and kept chasing his dream.

he gained immense experience in treating complex dental cases. various dental emergencies and trauma cases, a field has rarely given emphasis during graduation. His stint at AIIMS helped immensely in broadening his perspective of dental practice.

Though he had a great portfolio, he was always keen to start something which he could call “his own” which led to the birth of “more smiles” dental clinic in 2013. He is the best oral surgeon in Chembur.

Ever since its inception he has grown from strength to strength rapidly establishing the clinic as a name that stands for trust, excellence, and value for money.

Despite his busy practice, he keeps abreast with the latest technology and developments in the field of dentistry.

His keenness to do the best for his patients is reflected from the latest technology, state of the art sterilization systems and a “no compromise” attitude.

His next ambition is to develop “more smiles” as a name to reckon with in the field of facial and dental aesthetics, oral surgeon, and Dental Implant. maintaining goodwill as oral surgeon in Chembur

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